Lithos Marble

Lithos Marble Ltd is a Greek supplier of superior white marble.

The company is founded in 2005.

The company works with the finest quarries in Greece to provide the best quality of Greek white & colored marble. For Lithos Marble every single stone is distinct, original and unique.

Lithos Marble is dedicated to offering unparalleled quality, knowledge, and professional service to its clientele worldwide.

Company purchases marble directly from quarries in order to inspect every single block, guarantee the quality that customers require and keep competitive prices.

At Lithos Marble we believe that generating our revenue can open up new opportunities to create additional value. We see our customers as partners in value creation, focusing on how we help them to buy and achieve their goals.

Company supplies prestige building projects and is involved in the installation process to reassure that raw materials are treated appropriate through professional instructions in a sustainable and responsible way.

At Lithos Marble we focus on building relationships of trust with our partners and clients, fostering an entrepreneurial culture and creating an environment of empowerment.

Our vision is Lithos Marble to be intertwined with reliability and top quality products