A hard calcite marble with off-white and grey tones background with grey shades and cloud veining, all combined harmonically to convey a unique and distinctive identity.
A medium grain / crystal material with diagonal veins. Its low porosity and low absorption ensure that the material can be used with the same ease in exterior and interior applications, even in challenging climate conditions.
It is available in three types: in horizontal and diagonal veins, and in a motif featuring large, cloud-resembling patterns. Each of the three types of Hemarus Grey produces an entirely different aesthetic effect. This is the reason why Hemarus Grey is suitable for a great variety of decorative solutions.

Multiple applications for construction and decorative purposes. Commercial & Residential building projects. Exterior & interior flooring and wall cladding, bathrooms, countertops. Suitable for large and small scale building projects.

Technical Specifications

Charasteristics Value Test Method
Apparent Density 2692 Kg/m3 EN 1936
Open Porocity 0,17% - 0,06 EN 1936
Water Absorption 0,081 (g/m2/s0,5) EN 1925
Compressive Strength 73,81 Mpa EN 1926
Flexural Strength 14,033 Mpa EN 12372

Material Information

Polished, Honed, Sand Blasted, Bush Hammered, Acid Washed, Leather.


5/8 (inches)
2 (cm)

12x24 12x12 6x12 (inches)
60x60 60x30 (cm)

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