Silver Travertine displays a beautiful blend of silver, greys, and brownish shading with parallel veins, adding sophistication and understated elegance. It matches to modern materials such as metal and glass.

Multiple applications for construction and decorative purposes. Commercial & residential building projects. Exterior & interior flooring and wall cladding, bathrooms, countertops. Suitable for very large and small scale building projects.

Technical Specifications

Charasteristics Value Test Method
Apparent Density 2467,3 Kg/m3 EN 1936
Open Porocity 2,1% EN 1936
Water Absorption 0,86% EN 13755
Abrasion resistance 29,3 mm EN 14157
Compressive Strength 44,9 N/mm2 EN 1926
Flexural Strength 12,36 N/mm2 EN 12372

Material Information

Polished, honed.

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