Veria Green is one of the most elegant green marbles in the world. A very hard, thin grain calcite marble with impressive deep green background and white veins that leave none untouched.

Multiple applications for construction and decorative purposes. Commercial & Residential building projects. Exterior & interior flooring and wall cladding, bathrooms, countertops. Suitable for large and small scale building projects.

Technical Specifications

Charasteristics Value Test Method
Apparent Density 2643,4 Kg/m3 EN 1936
Open Porocity 0,5 % EN 1936
Water Absorption 0,17 % EN 13755
Abrasion resistance 19 mm EN 14157
Compressive Strength 109,8 N/mm2 EN 1926
Flexural Strength 14,30 N/mm2 EN 12372

Material Information

Polished, Honed.

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